Founded in 2014, the company PAMPA brings together our human and entrepreneurial values. Like the fertile green plains of La Pampas ("Pampa" in Quechua), we fertilize and grow a field of opportunities for our clients and their business. We draw on our core values during collaboration with our clients and our partners, but especially with the end users of the products that we develop with our clients. It is this openness that motivates us and allows us to co-create quality products that are tailored to suit their market.

POSTURE | An openminded, multidisciplinary team

Sharing the same belief as Yvon Chouinard, founder of the company Patagonia, at PAMPA we are 80%ers. Our teammembers are not distinguished by excellence in just one or two specific areas. They are 80% on a vast number of topics that interest them. It is out of this profile that the openness and wealth of PAMPA's solutions emerge. This is what allows us to create products for our clients not just for the market but with the market.